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by Lola Smirnova

Rating: 5/5


Pages: 314
Publisher:  Createspace
Publication Date: 2014
ISBN:  9781496031013
Summary (via Goodreads)

Back in the 90’s, the corrupt post-Soviet Ukraine with its faltering economy, is thrown into a devastating depression. Times are hard. Opportunities are scarce.

Three eager young sisters – Natalia, Lena and Julia - dream of a better life and weigh their options: do they stay and struggle like their parents, or join scores of their compatriots in the sex trade in glittering western European cities, who earn in a night what they’d take several months to earn at home? Naive and tempted by the allure of 'quick' money, the girls set off on an adventure that changes their lives forever...

Can they stay out of trouble enough to fulfill their ambitions?
Can they hold on to their idealism in a world where depravity and danger are constant companions?
How far are they willing to go to make a buck?

Inspired by real-life events, Twisted is a fascinating New Adult SUSPENSE THRILLER about vulnerability, courage and the art of making a living in the sex trade...


I would like to thank both Lola Smirnova for allowing me to review her book and to Book Publicity Services for contacting me in the first place and offering me a review copy or I may never have come across such a captivating and alluring book.

I cannot describe how much I enjoyed reading Twisted, nor how much I cannot wait to read the second book in her series; Craved.

Twisted followed the story of three sisters in their bid to survive poverty and depression in the 90's Soviet Union.

What I loved the most about the book was the language. Smirnova writes in a way rarely seen in most books like this; honest and blunt without overly romanticising the content. The book is neither underplayed nor overdone. It is simply perfectly written to reflect the story.

That may sound over the top on my part but it is my opinion nonetheless. Often I come across books that overplay the sexual nature within their stories, or make the notion of prostitution either too 'rose-tinted' or degrading to the women who work in the profession. Smirnova, on the other hand, shows the sex trade from both sides in equal measure, it can be fun, but it is still the sex trade.

The characters of the three sisters were humorous, sarcastic and incredibly entertaining to read about. I could go on forever about the book, but I do not want to give anything away. All I will say is READ IT! You will not be disappointed. 

I wish to end this review with a quick word of caution. Please be advised that there is an age warning on this book as the content is of a highly explicit nature and therefore is not suitable for young readers. I would only recommend this book to readers above the age of 18!

About the Author: (courtesy of Book Publicity Services)
Lola Smirnova is an author from Ukraine. She loves twisting a suspenseful tale through the dark lens of realism around the sexual underworld, so clocked in secrecy and shame. Lola’s work is inspired by real-life events and is meant for the open-minded readers who are not afraid of a little blood, sweat and semen.

Her debut novel Twisted was released in 2014. The book placed as Honorable Mention in General Fiction Category of The 2014 London Book Festival’s Annual Competition.
Whether you prefer to slide your finger across a touchscreen or turn a paper page, Lola’s thrilling tales will surely shock and surprise you, with both its storyline and its literary value.

Now living in South Africa, Lola is about to release her second novel – a sequel to Twisted – Craved, which proves just how many fascinating stories she has to share about the ordinary women in the global sex industry.

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