Thursday, 13 August 2015

Women in Red

By Jordan Rosenfeld

Genre: Psychological thriller

Book Description
Dead-broke single mother Stella Russo, daughter of a world-class prima ballerina, has nearly given up on her own professional aspirations—much less true love—when a dazzling impromptu stunt by a mysterious troupe reminds her just how empowering performing onstage can be. Convincing herself that a dependable gig with such a company just might be the ticket to a better life for her musical-prodigy daughter and now-invalid mother, Stella takes a giant jeté of faith and joins up. But when she lands in the clutches of an enigmatic and demanding impresario bent on making her his star at any cost, has she risked too much? As Stella untwists the troupe’s troubling secrets, she becomes entangled in turns she could never imagine—and is forced to face her own past as well. Women in Red draws readers into the dark, dangerous, and dramatically sexy underworld of the dance—but also into the longing of every living, breathing being for a family of one’s own.

I have not read a book like this in quite a while; it is captivating, relatable, sexy, and incredibly enjoyable to read!

Would you give up every dream you have in order to do what is best for your child?

Women In Red is about a would-be-professional-dancer turned single mother called Stella who battles with the duties of being a mother to her ten-year-old daughter, Izzy. Stella also struggles with her responsibility to her invalid mother and her dreams of being a professional dancer, not to mention hiding from the secrets of her past!

Then, just when Stella has given up all hopes of achieving her dreams, walks in a strange and alluring gentleman who declares that he can change her life, make all her dreams come true (so to speak).

Now Stella needs to decide; does she follow her instincts or her desire to be a professional dancer which for so long she thought never to accomplish?

That's enough about the plot anyway, you need to read it to get the good stuff!

Women In Red is set amongst the backdrop of the glamorous performing world, full to the brim of glitter, PVC, leotards, sequins, make-up and fine champagne. It is the world we dream of because of its alluring and beautiful mysticism. But is it all that we think? Is it really about the parties and the fun of being centre-stage, or is there a darker, more sinister side?

Jordan Rosenfield has created in Women In Red an intricate story of hope, sex, secrets and murder in this entertaining, sassy story that keeps you guessing and planted firmly on the edge of your seat until the end of the book.

What I enjoyed about the book is how, not only is the reader told events from Stella's point of view, but also from her daughter and mother's. This, for me, allowed me to really get to know not only the personality of the main character but also how that character relates to others within the book itself, particularly between Stella and her mother. Between these two characters exists several conflicting emotions throughout the book; love, gratitude, devotion, but also; resentment, envy, anger and fear.

Stella's mother holds an interesting position within the story. She is seemingly dependant on others and yet she holds information about Stella's past that Stella doesn't want revealing. This conflict of character is something that Rosenfield uses with all her characters  within Women in Red and makes for a more interesting and gripping read as the characters clash.

I found myself wanting to know more about Stella from before the book was based despite the information that is given within the book, about her past and how she had ended up in the position she now found herself in (I personally hope the author may consider doing a prequel)

This book is a must read for the summer and should definitely be placed on the list of books to read in 2015!
Author Bio
Jordan Rosenfeld is author of the novels Forged in Grace and Night Oracle as well as A Writer’s Guide to Persistence and three other guides to the art and craft of writing. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, Salon, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the Washington Post, in numerous literary journals, and on “The California Report,” a newsmagazine produced by NPR affiliate KQED. She lives in Northern California.

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